Ezra Dyer: A Look Back at Car and Driver from 2075

Ezra Dyer (artist's rendering)

Well, sure, I remember the Car and Driver 60th-anniversary party. It was 2015, I’d recently started as a columnist, and facial hair was all the rage (on men, believe it or not). There was a big to-do in what was then called New York City. Somebody said to me, “Hey, what if you’re still writing a column 60 years from now, at the 120th anniversary?” And I said, “Mhghgh righhhghgh!” because my mouth was full of steak—a steak the size of a Samoan’s shoebox, as the saying goes. But here we are. And in spite of a few missteps, like the incident with the hedgehog and the King of Malaysia, I’m still employed by Car and Driver. And I’m gonna share my thoughts on the past 60 years, 2015 to 2075. Let me know if I start rambling. I’m old, plus I just ate a bunch of amphetamines. READ MORE ››


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