Formula C/D: The Car and Driver Covers of the 1990s

The official design book for the 1990s calls for splashes of neon pink, the color teal, and weird fonts. Somehow, we managed to (mostly) fend off the urge to succumb to such fads, employing a cover design that didn't change much over the decade. That’s not to say we were boring.---The subjects of our 1990s covers included plenty of jumping cars, our 0-to-150-to-0-mph challenge, and tests you couldn't read anywhere else, such as the GMC Syclone and Ferrari showdown we published in September 1991. Strangely enough, our most striking use of hot pink came at the very end of the decade, in 1999, when it was used for the cover-line text, which didn’t even end with an exclamation point. Weird, right?January 1990February 1990March 1990April 1990May 1990June 1990July 1990August 1990September 1990October 1990November 1990December 1990January 1991February 1991March 1991April 1991May 1991June 1991July 1991August 1991September 1991October 1991November 1991December 1991January 1992February 1992March 1992April 1992May 1992June 1992July 1992August 1992September 1992October 1992November 1992December 1992January 1993February 1993March 1993April 1993May 1993June 1993July 1993August 1993September 1993October 1993November 1993December 1993January 1994February 1994March 1994April 1994May 1994June 1994July 1994August 1994September 1994October 1994November 1994December 1994January 1995February 1995March 1995April 1995May 1995June 1995July 1995August 1995September 1995October 1995November 1995December 1995January 1996February 1996March 1996April 1996May 1996June 1996July 1996August 1996September 1996October 1996November 1996December 1996January 1997February 1997March 1997April 1997May 1997June 1997July 1997August 1997September 1997October 1997November 1997December 1997January 1998February 1998March 1998April 1998May 1998June 1998July 1998August 1998September 1998October 1998November 1998December 1998January 1999February 1999March 1999April 1999May 1999June 1999July 1999August 1999September 1999October 1999November 1999December 1999


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