BMW Concept Pays Homage to the 3.0 CSL

BMW Concept Pays Homage to the 3.0 CSL

BMW has a proud history of launching design studies at the famous Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este, on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como. Over the past few years, BMW has worked with traditional coachbuilders; this time around, the project was conceived and executed in-house. That’s entirely appropriate, as the design team under Adrian van Hooydonk and Karim Habib set out to recreate one of the brand’s icons: the 3.0 CSL, the famous “Batmobile,” based on the E9 3.0 CS/CSi and an incredibly successful racer well beyond its production run.

Painted in a traditional CSL color, with classic proportions, aggressive lighting elements, and liberal use of carbon fiber, it captures the spirit of the 3.0 CSL in a most convincing manner. The concept is not a technology showcase, but BMW’s exterior chief designer Karim Habib envisions a powerful engine with an appropriate sound. “The car is about street racing,” he says.

BMW Concept Pays Homage to the 3.0 CSL

Informed by the 3.0 CSL and unhampered by any packaging and regulatory constraints, this is a car with little chance to see production. It is a one-off, BMW insists. Although it doesn’t hint at an upcoming model, we’d be happy to see many of its styling elements on future BMWs.

And perhaps this concept is the much-needed reminder that BMW can still do more than downsized, hybridized, and front-wheel-drive vehicles. Well played, BMW. You won us over again.

BMW Concept Pays Homage to the 3.0 CSL


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